HumanCo – Join the Movement

HumanCo – Join the Movement

We can all make a mental list of the brands and businesses that add meaning and value to our lives. Brands which offer us a boost in our daily ritual, whose products make our lives more enriching, or allow us to be more and experience more every day.

When we interact with meaningful brands, it drives us to expect more. However, this level of expectation isn’t just focused outwardly. Brands that are meaningful to us serve as a reflection of our values. They make us want to strive to be better and live a more proactive and fulfilling life.

Businesses Built to Make a Difference

These days, there are countless social enterprise brands that are doing excellent work to make giving back an integral part of their overall strategy. It’s been inspiring seeing a shift in where people are choosing to invest their dollars to make a difference in the world.

However, we saw that many of giving initiatives used by top social enterprise brands weren’t engaging people fully in the process. They still do amazing work, but the customers who support the brands often don’t have the power to choose which cause they support. Also, these initiatives don’t give customers an opportunity to learn more and be more mindful with their contributions in the future, beyond their first interaction with that brand.

We aim to change this by engaging you, the customer, in the giving process and shifting the power of giving into your hands. So how does it work?

HumanCo’s Mission

At HumanCo, our mission is to create high-quality products to serve as a vehicle for our core principles, to:

  1. Offer our understanding of human kinetics and help create products that will help you perform better.
  2. Reduce material waste and minimize any negative impact on the environment in every facet of our production.
  3. Help make the world a better place – together.

See, we wanted to flip the popular social enterprise model on its head and get our customers involved in choosing where to give. That way, we can all be more mindful with our contributions and discover new causes which might need our help.

We believe that ‘action changes attitude faster than attitude changes action.’ And, by enabling the people connected to our brand to take action, we can increase our collective awareness and shift our aim towards bigger and better goals.

Our One Good Deed Initiative

It all starts with our One Good Deed initiative. So, how does it work?

Three words: Get, Give, and Grow:

1. GET your new HumanCo product

When you order a HumanCo product, you can start giving immediately by determining how your One Good Deed gets used.

2. GIVE to someone or something you care about

Choose from a list of our charity partners and give to something you care about. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t see one you’re passionate about? Suggest a new one! We review every suggestion that we receive.

3. GROW the movement by spreading the word

We empower everyone who gives with HumanCo to spread positive change in the world by sharing what they’ve learned with others.

Possibilities Ahead

We hope that you’re as excited as we are for the possibilities ahead with HumanCo and the charities we’ll be able to help support together.

Join the movement now by following us on social at @wearhumanco, getting your first pair of HumanCo Socks at a retail location, or joining our newsletter and staying up to date on giving initiatives in your community.