Our Journey to Pain Free Knees

Discover the Science of Freedom

We need to encourage treatment options that empower patients to have the freedom to resume activities they enjoy

By providing something that is simple, easy to use, affordable, and most importantly effective, it will change the landscape for conservative care in people suffering with knee arthritis. The reality is we need to encourage more treatment options that do not involve medication, pain relievers, or surgery.

Backed by peer-reviewed-scientific studies

Five years ago we had the opportunity to
explore and test this concept in partnership with researchers at the
University of British Columbia. Here we are five years later and have
published multiple studies that have helped give us important insights on how
to best design and apply the use of insoles and individuals experiencing
medial compartment knee osteoarthritis.

Using patent-pending trident foam technology

Over the last 30 years we’ve seen a number of innovations enter the footwear space that also made a meaningful difference in changing people’s biomechanics. We were particularly motivated by functional elements in technical running shoes that used different densities of foam to help support the foot and ankle, and I thought “here is an opportunity to combine these technologies to help people with arthritis.”

By combining dual density foam, a contoured arch support, and the effectiveness or lateral wedge technology is really where the magic happens in the Freedom Insole that supports the feet while still unloading the knee.

All leading to the creation of a life-changing insole that truly grants FREEDOM like no other.

The Freedom Insole
The Freedom Insole
The Freedom Insole
The Freedom Insole

The Freedom Insole

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The Freedom Insole is more than just cushioned relief: It is the only insole specifically designed to unload the medial compartment. Using the power of our patented Trident Foam shell design, the Freedom is an easy to use, inconspicuous and effective option to reduce knee pain and improve long term outcomes.