The FREEDOM medical Insole

Free yourself from knee pain. Today.

A game changer for people suffering from knee osteoarthritis. Reducing knee-joint load for immediate pain relief and an improved long-term prognosis.

The Freedom Insole is more than just cushioned relief: It is the only insole specifically designed to unload the medial compartment.

Our Benefits

Easy to Use

Not sweaty, bulky or conspicuous


Less expensive than custom braces, pain and anti-inflammatory medication or surgery

Proven Effect

Less load = less pain and a delayed time to surgery. Use less medication and stay more active


Listen to how HumanCo insoles allow Tim to continue to play hockey with less pain.

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These insoles are great. After trying braces or sleeves for the last couple of years for my sore knee, the Freedom insoles are easy to use and effective…no more sweaty and conspicuous braces!

Marion Ryan

Better than knee brace

I’m a tradesman who's on his feet all day and used to wearing custom knee brace but found it hot and uncomfortable. Such a grind to wear everyday. Then I tried the Freedom and felt relief within hours – loved it!


Feeling great!

These insoles are unreal – my knees felt better within hours after trying them.

Hector Fernandez

I just received my insoles and they are awesome. You wouldn’t believe
how they have helped my knees in such a short time - highly recommended

P Myers.

The pair I got worked for me - they are comfortable and supported my knee