Gait and Posture

Running Title: Immediate Biomechanical Effects of Trident Foam Insoles.

Novel designs of lateral wedge insoles with arch support can alter walking biomechanics as a conservative treatment option for knee osteoarthritis. However, variations in foot posture may influence individual responses to insole intervention and these effects are not yet known. The question this study wanted to answer was: How does foot posture influence biomechanical responses to novel designs of lateral wedge insoles with arch support? The lateral wedge alone and Trident Foam design were the only insole conditions effective at reducing the knee adduction moment. However, the Trident Foam design had improved stability and the foot and ankle than the lateral wedge alone. Significance: Supported lateral wedge insoles incorporating a Trident Foam design may be better than uniform-stiffness since reductions in the knee adduction moment can be achieved while minimizing increases in the ankle/subtalar eversion moment.

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